Does the UD have any information activity other than solar power technology?

Started in 2013, the database was designed to present exclusively utility-related solar information. In 2016, SEPA’s mission expanded to include energy storage. Future plans are in place to capture an even wider host of solar-supporting programs among utilities. Stay tuned throughout 2017 to see what's in store for the expanded UD.

Does the UD include information on all solar installations in the United States?

The UD has information on many large, utility-scale solar installations greater than 5 MW that can be associated with at least one electric utility (through PPAs, utility incentive programs, or direct utility ownership). The UD also contains aggregate information about solar projects installed within some utilities' service territories (based on SEPA's annual utility solar survey). This aggregate data includes the residential, non-residential, and centralized market segments.

Does the UD have any information on international solar activity?

The UD only includes solar activity information for U.S. electric utilities.

Does the UD include all utilities in the country? Why can't I find my utility in the Utility Database?

There are more than 3,000 electric utilities in the U.S. The UD focuses only on utilities that have been associated with at least one solar project, program, report or other activity. As a result, the UD currently contains entries for approximately 400-500 utilities. As more utilities increase their activity within the solar space, SEPA will increase the number of utilities that are tracked in the UD.

Does the UD track planned utility solar programs/installations or only already existing ones?

The UD tracks both existing solar installations/programs as well as planned ones. However, information about existing projects/programs is likely more detailed.

How can I find out how many MWs my utility has on the grid?

Aggregate solar installation data is submitted by utilities through SEPA's annual utility surveys. If a utility's total solar capacity is available, it can be found under the 'Solar Profile' heading, which is part of the Utilities section. (Utilities can be searched for by state, name, or utility-type.) 

How often is the information in the UD updated?

The data in the UD is updated at varying timelines, depending on the type and source of information. Data updates range from weekly to once a year. Unless a correction or addition is brought to SEPA's attention, data will be updated in accordance with the following schedule:

UD Content Frequency of Updates
Utility Snapshot/Rankings Annually
Programs Quarterly-Annually
Projects Quarterly
RFPs Biweekly
Incentives Monthly-Quarterly

Where does SEPA obtain the information that is in the UD?

The data contained within the UD comes from a variety of sources. Data is collected from the sources detailed in the table below:

UD Content Data Source
Utility Snapshot Annual Utility Survey, Energy Information Administration (US DOE), SEPA research
Programs SEPA research
Projects S&P Global Market Intelligence, US DOE Global Energy Storage Database, and other data provider(s)
RFPs SEPA research
Incentives DSIRE, SEPA research

What is the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)?

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with electric power stakeholders through the most pressing issues affecting the growth and utilization of smart energy. We are a trusted platform for education, research, standards, and collaboration to help utilities, customers, and other players deploy and integrate solar, storage, demand response and other distributed energy resources. Through educational activities, working groups, peer-to-peer opportunities and advisory services, SEPA engages interested parties in facilitating necessary information exchange and knowledge transfer to offer the highest amount of value for our membership and partner organizations.

Where can I submit feedback or changes/corrections for the UD?

If you would like to make suggested improvements or if you have updates/corrections to data in the UD, please feel free to submit feedback to ud@sepapower.org.

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